Tyre Technology

3 February 2011 – 10:51 am

GY ecot I

GY asmd

Tyre design does not sound very exciting, but it is! Take Formula1, general racing and performance cars, so much comes down to tyre technology, which has been evolving a pace. Tread patterns, compounds and construction are all elements the manufacturer will develop at length and cost.

Having recently worked on a large scale tyre marketing and finance project, it is amazing how many car owners and drivers have so little awareness of the four bits of rubber at each corner of their vehicle.

It is common at the high end, for example with the Aston Martin One 77, for motor manufacturer and tyre provider to develop a specific tyre product for a specific vehicle. Another example would be Renault Formula1’s partnership with Michelin during their successful F1 Championship seasons of 2005 and 2006. Since Michelin’s withdrawal, Renault F1 has been off the pace of the glory years.

The main development for road vehicles in the tyre world over the last 24 months has been the general move to the asymmetric tread design, as shown above. Now coming from factory on most road cars and offered by a range of OEMs. It is thought the asymmetric tread design has greater road adhesion and water dispersing qualities.

The eco-pattern above comes from Good Year and was seen at a recent trade event. You see tyre technology can be interesting!

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