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1 June 2009 – 11:38 am

We signed up to Twitter around 18 months ago. I would say it reached a tipping point within my group of friends in mid-2008 and the general public in late winter 2009.

Becoming useful as a tool for seeing what was going on. The more people on there you know, the more value it has. Simple.

Just a very quick surf today throws up two new Twitter stories on the major UK media websites. Why has Twitter become so popular? I would say it is the immediacy, and like Google, the simplicity of use. It does no more or less than it says on the virtual tin.

The rules of Twitter are still quite random. For example, many people think getting a huge Twitter following is a good thing. I would say, as an individual, what is the value of being followed by random people in far flung corners of the planet? Also, there is a security issue, broadcasting movements may not be wise amongst an unknown group. The Twitter rules will be self-refined over time.

Lastly, companies and their agencies are making much of their prowess in the digital sphere and now include Twitter in their digital bag. I have signed up with such experts and really am getting some rubbish through on my Twitter feed.

Major brands look confused, are they trying to be my friend, or, sell me their wares. I am unsure, and it seems they are too. One newspaper Twitter feed spams me the headlines, a complete waste of time. When I can just surf on down to their website and read them there myself. Brands are being badly advised.

As a Twitter user, my key pointers for brands are below.

Do, be sure what you are trying to say, a corporate brand trying to get cool, just because of a Twitter account, looks odd. Get the pitch straight and be consistent.

Don’t, overload your followers, be timely but not annoying. Wholefoods is a corporate whose Tweets, while not amazingly interesting, do the job of keeping the brand omnipresent.

What do you think of Twitter? Here for the long term, or, no more than temporary Twittle and Twattle?

Why is the service so popular? Media hype. Or, a serious business and social tool?

For you readers and Twitterers, Twitter ID, @xavieradam

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  2. Certainly more than hype. I’d miss it if it were gone, which is a mark of something. It has become the background noise to anything I do on a computer… the place I learn about a surprising number of stories, and get a feel for what people think matters. It’s a point of contact, and a useful way to reach people directly. And I’m recruiting people, both for my publication (I edit the Europe edition of and colleagues on Dow Jones – the first Twitter recruit was signed today, in fact.

    As with blogs, and MySpace, and Facebook before, some people will use it better than others. Its use in a business context may not be in PR or straightforward marketing. But I suspect that it’s not only here to stay, but that in two years’ time its applications will have mushroomed in number.

    By Neil McIntosh on Jun 1, 2009

  3. @Neil, thank you for this. Wise words. Agree. There is a trade off of distraction v’s useful information source!

    By Xavier on Jun 1, 2009

  4. I am just getting started on twitter and there is a lot of common sense in Xavier’s views.

    Will the corporates listen??

    Please keep pointing them in the right direction.

    By Andy McMillan on Jun 4, 2009

  5. @Andy, thanks for adding your thoughts. Corporates may well listen, but what if their advisors are feeding them the wrong advice and approach!

    By Xavier on Jun 4, 2009

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