Thoughts From the UKIF Membership

7 September 2012 – 8:58 pm

Getting on the Sales Radar

Xavier is Managing Director, AMC Network and Advisory Board Member at Stealth Technology Startup. This piece is the second of three around company exit.

So you have decided to sell out, the good life beckons, but how do you go from science park industrial unit to sunny Caribbean beach?

Company sales come in all shapes and sizes. There are no hard and fast rules.

The key thing is to have your house in order. Key sales contracts signed and to hand. Management well briefed and drilled. The key points promoting the business front of mind and snappy. Financials, differentiators, key clients and projects.

Acquirers and investors meet a lot of companies and do not have time to work out what you are about, you need to make it very straightforward for them to bite.

Initially even over simplify, you can always add in the detail. Scour the news for hot topics and tie in to these. If cloud computing or big data are hot in the media, find ways to upsell your activity in these areas, or indeed look to take on more of this relevant type of business pre-sales talks.

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