Think Again

20 March 2013 – 8:56 pm


Austria famed for mountains, sausage and beer, is the location for many a winter snow sports holiday. However the southerly located Tyrol region, while keen to continue attracting millions of tourists annually – a plane lands every 10 minutes at Innsbruck on a busy day in the winter season – is also pushing a more contemporary and perennially profitable sector.

Precision engineering and high technology has long been synonymous with Munich and Bavaria around 120 minutes north of Innsbruck by road. The large highly visible BMW installation near Munich airport helps increase the perception.

While tourism and the food sector are welcome, the Austrian Tyrol would like in on the high-tech action of its northerly neighbour. The Tyrol has been pro-actively marketing itself through the Austrian Trade Commission as it looks to increase business links outside the region.

Evidenced in the pictures below, the mountainous region is making a good effort at changing the perception of the country as little more than a natural theme-park. By attracting international investment, the home of Swarovski would like to be seen in a different light and is increasing its pan-European presence to this end. The plan could be described as more megabyte than sauerkraut.

Pictured are various e-mobility projects, using electric all wheel drive technology from Mattro, with the support of the EU funding for advanced technology development scheme.

IMG-20130318-00313 (1)

IMG-20130319-00340 (1)



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