The road to export

8 October 2012 – 6:05 pm




There are few brands more globally recognisable and synonymous with luxury than Rolls-Royce. Starting production in 1904 after a meeting at Manchester’s centrally located Midland Hotel, Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce went on to form one of the world’s strongest brands of the last century.

A historically high price point and focus on quality and hand build, has seen the company become world renowned for its cars of the most refined luxury.

Today Rolls-Royce, under the ownership of BMW since 1999, exports 35% of its output to China, followed by the US and Middle East, with a respectable 10% remaining in the UK.

With under 4000 cars produced in 2011, Rolls-Royce is no volume manufacturer. However, the move in 2010 to produce the smaller body-shell Ghost model alongside the larger Phantom model, has opened up a new younger market of buyers.

Now based near Goodwood in Sussex, the manufacturer is close to Southampton docks for receiving supplies, such as the German made aluminium inner frame for the Phantom and vehicle export worldwide.



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