The Business of Sport

1 February 2013 – 8:24 am

IMG-20130128-00605 (1)

In a busy week for the football Premiership with cup ties and a closing January transfer window, Manchester City Football Club finally said ciao to star Italian striker, Mario Balotelli. A leaked photograph on Twitter of a recent Carrington training ground incident, involved the player and his manager in confrontation. Such a graphic incident saw much media speculation over the player’s future at the northern club. It seemed such a public show of unruliness in the ranks, would result in only one outcome.

A passing member of the public snapped the argument on camera phone and it was rapidly circulated around the sporting fan fraternity via social media. Later being picked up by the major broadcasters.

Yet again a clear demonstration, that the media is no longer one mass amorphous body ripe for professional management and dealt with via clear channels of communication. The rise of smart phones has seen citizen ‘press’ sources placed everywhere, anywhere there’s an available network for uploads, individual broadcast is now possible. With widely available channels such as Twitter available to all. Never have so many been able to push out to an instant global audience.

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