Skycar, returns, but will it fly?

24 April 2009 – 3:31 pm

An accidental dinner with some explorers a few weeks back, lead to a fun invitation from Kim, an expedition organiser and PR.

The setting, Charlie Boorman’s garage in West London. Yes, the one where they always start from, as I have been asked a few times now.

Being a lover of innovation, I had not actually heard of the Skycar until conducting some online research earlier in the week. Prepping before the launch.

The Skycar concept is truly great and has been the talk of the week amongst those the project has been mentioned to.

The Skycar does just that, leaving the earth’s surface (!) it can hit a flight speed of around 80 mph, and has a range in excess of 100 km.

In minutes it is a plane, then a car, then a plane… the Yamaha engine driving the wheels, or, a rear fixed rotor blade/propeller. The driver/flyer decides if it is going to be an earth or skybound trip and flicks the lever accordingly.

This is not Bond fantasy. The Skycar works.

A team just took the 500 kilo prototype from the UK, over the Channel, through France, over the Pyrenees, down through Spain to the Straits of Gibraltar and on to Timbuktu. Amazing.

A documentary is coming out covering the adventure, so we are presuming they made it! They certainly made it back, as I saw them.

Such a great and simple (well maybe not to execute) idea now seems so obvious, and practical. Think expeditions, rescue, farming, and traffic jams, or, lack of with the Skycar!

Keenly priced at around £ 45 – 50 000. It seems a much more interesting play thing than a one dimensional earth bound Supercar.

Anyone fancy a Skycar?

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  2. I would certainly buy one and somehow come to terms with being scared of heights.

    Does it require a pilots license, what fuel does it use, what’s the range and how much is a full tank? Do you need insurance? Who the hell insures you? Do they/can they do a two seater (assuming it’s single)? What the hell do you do when the engine fails other than saying ‘oh shit’? :)

    By seskin on Apr 24, 2009

  3. Sounds great – I want one. Have they got any press samples to give away?!!!

    By Susannah on Apr 24, 2009

  4. @Seskin, I cannot answer all your questions. Let’s see if the inventor drops by, I told him we were debating here.

    You can drive it on a normal car licence. No need to be a qualified pilot. Fuel, I think is just normal petrol, although it may be quicker with some kerosene! Yes, the demo is insured as both a car and an airborne vehicle.

    It is a two seater.

    It carries a large parachute/flexible wing. So glide!

    Hope that fills in the gaps.

    By Xavier on Apr 27, 2009

  5. Hi there

    I am one of the Skycar Expedition team members, I met Xav at drinks a few weeks ago and invited him to join us in celebrating our successful mission with a few drinks! Xav has pretty much answered all these questions correctly, but do get in touch (either here or on our website) if you have any further questions!

    By Kim Vande Velde on Apr 28, 2009

  6. p.s. in relation to press samples – If you mean press pack with dvd showing the car flying, for example, I am afraid we will not be releasing any footage until the documentary airs on Channel 4 in June. However, there is footage from the press dvd we had for the launch which shows the skycar in its test flight on youtube, which should appear if you google skycar expedition.

    By Kim Vande Velde on Apr 28, 2009

  7. @Kim, I think Susannah is after a somewhat larger press sample!

    By Xavier on Apr 28, 2009

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