Science of Art

12 June 2013 – 8:13 am


UK plc has punted a lot on the creative industries. A natural, largely self generating eco-system, has at times had tweaks and assistance from the Government. Think Taper Relief of the 1990s, film schemes of the noughties, SEIS and EIS of now. The latter held in high esteem by entrepreneurs across the EU.

The results of the UK’s success in the creative sphere speak for themselves, advertising agency BBH, Dyson, Morgan, McLaren, Paul Smith are a small handful of the world leading firms in the design and creative space.

Ravesbourne is the excellent facility based in East London next to the famous O2 venue. This is just one of many creative colleges located across London and the UK. On a visit there last week, there was yet another event looking to fuse academia and industry. In this case the expo was backed by Ogilvy, the WPP owned communications agency.

The will is there on all sides. But, can creativity actually be taught, or, is it a case of you have it or you don’t?


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