Back to the Track

22 August 2012 – 6:52 am

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Britain is known globally for quirky smaller companies, growing off the back of passion. The mad inventor, man in the shed, clever engineering and advanced R&D. Ginetta is one such very British brand. Having been based in the south of England for the first of its nearly 50 years, the brand was bought by northern businessman Lawrence Tomlinson in 2006. Moving the business to Leeds and with continued investment, the company has continued to grow and punch well above its weight. Moving with the times and developing a well publicised electric version, Ginetta is moving forward as part of the larger LNT Group. The corporate orange is heavily used and carries well through the vehicle livery, brochures, marketing materials, motor home and the annual exhibition stand at the motorsport Mecca of Autosport, held every January at Birmingham’s NEC. In the current Ginetta line up, a retro looking G40 2 litre is met by a carbon fibre G60 running a 3.7 Ford derived power unit.

Ginetta knows how to market. Being consistent and sticking to its brand ethos and values. While Ginetta could do with a higher profile outside the Leeds and motorsport arena, the signature orange and race track pedigree have definitely put the company back on the radar after a less assured period under the previous owners.

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