MWC 2011

16 February 2011 – 12:46 pm


Another year, another week at the MWC show. Mobile World Congress, formerly 3GSM, for the unitiated. Where the global mobile and telecoms industries come together to buy, sell, talk about the future and commiserate over any wrong business decisions of the previous 12 months.

Everyone is there; developers, operators, marketeers, entertainment world representatives and general business players. It is big, with an estimated crowd of 60 000 attendees spread over a several acre central Barcelona site and at further plush venues across the city.

This year at the show there is a massive push for the Google Android mobile platform. Google’s installation looks excellent, and is perfectly located in its own corner and fully on brand, swarming with people, from opening time in the morning until the daily 7pm shut off. Free and copious smoothies add to the Google experience.

Moving around the show, the Google Android bot, pictured, is everywhere. From the small companies looking to gain credibility, to the large corporates wishing to appear ‘with it’ and up with the trends. So far Google has done a great marketing job, and at MWC at least, it really dominates all the announcements and news of the week.

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  2. Will be very interested to see what you thought of the tablets … 2011 defo the year of the tablet … and it looks like finally we will have some tech that lives up to expectations (unlike 3d tv).

    By spencer hudson on Feb 20, 2011

  3. @Spencer Apple still dominate the tablet space, they have first mover advantage, good design and marketing. BlackBerry and some of the Asian manufacturers are having a go. Apple has been good at keeping its public interested. However, there is opportunity at the lower end for a stripped down budget version of the tablet, see this market which is as yet largely untapped, grow exponentially. Apple are at the top of the tree right now, but it is their fruit to lose and competition will be fierce.

    By Xavier on Feb 21, 2011

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