Must be uniform, or, not…

18 October 2008 – 8:46 am

Swiss - October 2008

Recently I sat through a London digital agency presentation. Proudly they told us how they had made one major oil company┬┤s online brand the same worldwide.

I am glad to see some organisations be more adventurous than this. Lowe did this a while back for Stella. Multiple idents.

Here we have a good example with Swiss. They communicate the brand and country of origin well, in a quirky and fun way. When British Airways tried the non-uniform approach in the 1990s they were lambasted. Which is a shame. Mrs Thatcher being partly responsible.

It is good to try and create some sort of link between the countries a company is trading in, or, in these cases flying to and from.

So, audience, what do you think. Is the future non-uniform?

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