In with the old, in with the new

5 November 2012 – 7:42 pm




This weekend saw the world renowned London to Brighton Veteran Car Run take place. Leaving at 7am on Sunday from London’s Hyde Park, the run takes most cars between 3 to 5 hours to complete. Arriving from mid-morning onwards at Brighton’s Marina Drive, via a scheduled halfway rest and refreshment stop.

Exclusively for pre-1905 cars, the event has run for 116 years and initially launched to celebrate the Locomotives on the Highway Act. The act was commonly known as the ‘Red Flag Act’, it was true, it dictated a footman was no longer required to run in front of the vehicle as a warning. But the famous red flag they once carried, had in fact been dropped several years before under earlier legislation.

This was a time in transport history, where the horse’s role was being taken over by motorised vehicles. Initially for light haulage, ie passengers, but later for virtually all forms of transport.

The Future Car Challenge is a separate event running the day before the historic event. In counter direction to the Veteran Run, from Brighton to London. In its three year history, it has become a calendar fixture, with various celebrities now taking part. The support of the major motor manufacturers alongside smaller specialists is notable. Success is judged scientifically by measuring the energy expended to arrive at Kensington’s Imperial College, the technical finish of the challenge. The ceremonial finish being located in town at the bottom end of Regent Street.

2012 was the first year both events old and new, were brought together under the same organisation and the united approach works very well. With modern arrivals and old departures meeting on the Saturday afternoon at the Regent Street Motorshow. A free to visit celebration of the car.

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