In the timing

9 December 2012 – 7:23 am


This week there has been a run of winter related advertising, coinciding with the cold snap. One has visions of leagues of marketing people waiting for temperature to hit 0C; thus necessitating the need to push the winter product sales button.

The majority of marketing campaigns themed around the freezing conditions range from the drab to the boring, including one from a well known Asian motor manufacturer which is off brand and off topic. Better luck next time. More creative adverts fair little better, with weak encouragement for the spending public to rush out and buy winter products. Why would they? With so little inspiration from the professional marketeers.

In contrast to the general mediocre stream, this effort above from family-mobile makers Audi, went the extra thought mile. Getting the point across in a fun and ‘Audiesque’ manner. A very good use of media and clever timing. On brand and on target. Simple but clever.

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