HS2 to Increase Property Values

23 March 2014 – 6:21 pm

Manchester 1

Manchester 2

After much will they won’t they it finally looks like HS2 (High Speed 2) will be given the green signal. Linking the north of England and eventually Scotland to the Capital. Recent announcements have outlined an updated proposal, where the Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds hubs are joined and then connected in a final link to London and the South East. HS2 in England is timetabled for final completion around 2032.

Opinions are divided on whether this type of economic investment which will run to billions, is actually worthwhile. By the time HS2 is fully operational, there may be more efficient modes of transport. Developments in Asia, would point to this old tech soon being superseded. It is after all a 200 year old invention, whose principles have largely not progressed much beyond efficiency, speed and passenger comfort. The horse to the motor driven vehicle was a much greater evolution in this context.

With the exiting rail network, road links and several regional airports, the northern hubs of Leeds and Manchester are growing again after a prolonged downturn, which was particularly cruel to the former industrial cities and pretty much everywhere outside the South East. Construction is up and property transactions growing again to levels not seen for five years.

Whatever the critics’ thoughts and impact to the countryside, there is no doubt good infrastructure helps economic development. So it is perceived business should welcome HS2.

Leeds City Centre

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