Here is Hiriko

27 January 2012 – 1:01 pm

Hiriko 3

Whether the Spanish development team are 100% on track with their folding car is to be determined. However, a passenger vehicle that can reduce in size in circumstances, makes sense and will become a viable reality.

For town and parking, the driver wants small and agile. For the extra-urban run a more stable and hence larger floor pan form of transport are necessary. A car that can adapt for both environments makes total sense.

Hiriko is a Spanish/MIT tie up and launches its futuristic vehicle this week via the EU, probably not the best endorser of innovation, but nonetheless giving a pan-European PR platform to this innovative project.

The concept is a good one, the passenger pod moving skywards on parking to reduce the overall length of the vehicle when stationery. Independent drive to each wheel makes the ability to metamorphosis possible. The front opening access door which encompasses the windscreen does not work so well and raises questions of access for the infirm and elderly. Overall the Hiriko is a move in the right direction and one of many which will transpire as fuel costs rise and space becomes ever more premium.

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