Guest Blogger, the first

6 October 2009 – 7:58 am

When I set up this blog a while back, the idea was to feature some guest bloggers. Some of the people at work, were less forthcoming about the idea!

Here we have our first skilled author. The likeable solicitor from Soho based law firm, Matt King of Simons Muirhead Burton.

“Back in spring, Courtney Love became the first celebrity sued for Tweeting. A libel (or “Twibel”) claim was brought against Love for a message posted on Twitter in which Love accused a clothing designer of being a “lying thief” and a “drug addict”.

Last month, Chicago resident Amanda Bonnen was sued when her landlord, Horizon Group Management, filed a claim for $50,000 against her, alleging that one of her Tweets resulted in damage to the company’s reputation. Jeffrey Michael of Horizon declared to the Chicago Sun-Times, “We’re a ‘sue first, ask questions later’ kind of an organization.”

Twitterers beware: it can be very easy to slip into complacency where the likes of Twitter and Facebook provide us with a means of instant publication. It is only a matter of time until a similar suit is brought in England. Users should be reminded to think first, Tweet later.”

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