Got to keep moving

6 November 2010 – 5:58 pm

Lola III

Lola is one of those iconic British marques of yesteryear, except, it is still here and going strong. I know this as we spent an enjoyable afternoon there this week, kindly organised by the excellent MIA and affable Lola employee, Sam Smith.

Having won countless awards over its half century existence, Lola is today a leader in advance design, composites and carbon fibre development. Motorsport represents 30% of the company’s current activities.

These days most famed for its ongoing Le Mans successes; it was interesting to see products being developed for the latest Royal Navy destroyers, private jet aircraft and far flung news organisations, reporting from some of the hottest trouble spots on earth. Lola’s carbon fibre crate system, enables one reporter to single handedly have a satellite dish live and positioned from kit form to broadcast, anywhere in the world in around five minutes. Seeing is believing. Lola has certainly got on with it and like many other firms in its sector has not sought fanfare or unsubstantiated endorsement.

Lola II

Lola VII

Lola VI

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