Future Car Challenge

6 November 2010 – 6:48 pm

Toyota II FCC

Being around Waterloo Place in London most weeks, I can confirm it is a hive of new initiatives; launches, dramas, filming, and in turn a good source of income for Westminster City Council. Today it was the turn of the ‘green’ car movement to suspend the parking bays and build a temporary structure, the finish point for the first Future Car Challenge.

Running on the same weekend as the now renowned London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, which takes place annually on the first Sunday of November. This was a Brighton to London run on the preceding day and designed to bring together old and new. Just under 70 cars took part, from the small T25 and latest edition Smart, to more regular five door family models. The range of power units varied in type and potential, from electric to hybrid and other.

Some vehicles were entered by the large corporates, think Asia and Japan, while there were a few innovative privateers, including Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, listed as the driver of one of three Teslas in the contest.

Energy used measurements took place at the finish line, in a mini-parc ferme, from where the latest models were dispatched to meet their 100 year old predecessors half a mile north west on Regent Street.

Still a fragmented sector and slightly abstract to the ‘man-on-the-street’, the green transport movement is gaining some ground. Although a thought through prediction would suggest there will be a few casualties on the way to this radical shift.

Toyota III FC

Toyota FCC


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