15 August 2008 – 10:10 am

Phil Williams, ex-marketing Director of Computecenter, spotted this one when we walked through Soho this week.

What a great idea. Fuji list in their office window, all being shot on Fuji at the current time.

This is a good way to give a live feel and make the public feel part of something. Film and movies are attractive and marketable. It makes sense to push this to ambient passing street traffic.

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  2. Lovely picture – I like the way businesses, even those not typically trading at retail level, are now using the idea of the shop window to say something about who they are.

    The Fuji thing is brilliantly detailed and nerdy – a great photo opportunity and a way you will never forget how industry-worth their film is!

    By Susi Oneill on Aug 15, 2008

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