Fuel Cell Technology

28 September 2012 – 7:53 am


This week Nomura Code, the junior bank of Japanese investment bank Nomura, hosted investors and entrepreneurs in the fuel cell, transport and clean energy space, for a day of discussions on where the sector is heading.

Pricking the bubble early, fuel cell technology has ground to make up. Initially over sold as the answer to global energy problems, it largely failed to deliver and left investors sceptical of the sector.

NASA’s early pioneering use is only now translating to commercial widespread success for the technology.

Since the debut of modern fuel cell technology, many players have come in to the frame from varying directions. While here most interested in the transport implications and mobile fuel cells, there has been growth in large scale energy farms in places such as South Korea.

Not only are the latest fuel cells just for industrial and corporate scale application, but now available for charging personal devices for say campers and the military. Giving up to a week’s charge off-grid, there is currently little comparable to this highly efficient and portable technology, which can give an efficiency of 40-85%. The scope for distributed power in both the developed and developing world is extremely powerful.

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