27 June 2008 – 10:41 am

Isn’t that good enough ?! Ok, round up to the week. dotMobi yesterday @ The Hospital. The place PRs love to hate when they are doing bookings. Was good. Friendly crowd. Will be doing some presentations with Reactor Mobile after summer, so was good to see what dotMobi had to say on mobile marketing. Ran in to Catapult Digital in the bar, who like Angus were, er, working, Actually celebrating Chris’ 30th !

Then football at the Spanish Ambassador’s Residence, cool huh, even if the TV had been sourced from another decade. Then a little convincing to go to Mahiki, which Simon @ SJ Dent tells me is no longer cool (if it ever was), as the cool crowd are now around the corner @ Whisky Mist. This is why Fridays are good !

Lastly, good luck to Andy @ Huddle and Andrew @ Rummble on their move today in to a combined office. Visits will now incur just one Tube fare instead of two !

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