Dogs and Tricks

3 December 2012 – 8:56 am


The photograph above comes from the former Prudential HQ at Holborn Bars, London. The P in the flooring design is symbolic as the Prudential’s former logo. A revered financial institution dating back over 150 years. The ‘man from the Pru’ is the company’s synonymous slogan which refers to the army of collection agents who once visited people’s homes. The company honed in on the growing industrial areas and offered premiums for as low as a penny.

After a 20 year break, the slogan was famously resurrected by the then Chief Executive, Sir Peter Davis, in the late 1990’s television advertising campaign. Sir Peter was the ‘man from the Pru’ in the £30 million campaign. Watching people go about their lives, knowing they were financially protected, the bespectacled Sir Peter made this one of the most memorable marketing case studies of the era. The agency AMV BBDO being responsible for the concept and creative.

It is interesting to see branding and marketing at work in a modern and bygone era. Using the old for the new.


Above, iconic lettering in the modernist style from the turn of the 20th century, features outside the Prudential’s former boardroom. Again this is very much on brand for the former HQ building, built between 1870 and 1901.

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