Please Do Come In

23 November 2012 – 11:04 am


In the smarter parts of global cities, such as London, top brands compete fiercely for a slice of the affluent shopper’s spend.

Window dressing is a phenomena dating back to the birth of retail. Making the windows and store look attractive to entice people in off the street. Although not a high-tech approach, on an ROI basis this must be one of the best forms of marketing. The retailer owns the space and the costs are therefore no more than some styling and prop work.

Unlike for example Tube advertising, which requires a whole chain and army of outsourced workers to design and produce. Their work is then coupled with a high media spend for the actual display space. The high level of creative input and use of intensive labour is reflected in the high cost.

With a well dressed window, the call to action is usually immediate; the ‘advert’ sits alongside the featured product, then and there in real-time, ready for purchase. Success can be pretty much measured at any point during store opening hours. The metric of, do people come in, do people buy.

Throw in some good PR around design, style and celebrity association, and the store becomes its own in-situ marketing machine.

Having sung the merits of the simple shop window, clearly the potential customer needs to be physically in the area to see the display in the first place!

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