Charging Ahead

6 April 2014 – 7:34 am

RA 1

It is nearly twenty years since the Royal Armouries previously housed and stored at the Tower of London, moved to a purpose built fort like building on Clarence Dock, Leeds. Master plans are often muted, but until there is a critical mass of decent available property stock, the people will not follow.

Once the Armouries was an island in a former industrial wasteland, nestled between a declining brewery and empty Victorian factories. People visiting and driving off. It could have been based anywhere, as the connection to the city was minimal.

Of late, much development has been carried out in the area and it is now starting to thrive. Slightly cut off from the rest of Leeds, it suffers from some very fashionable places across the canal taking and retaining business. However it is a question of time, as home-wise the area on a dreary Monday looked well populated. If people come and stay, trade will follow.

RA 2

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