Can a bus look good?

29 October 2009 – 2:32 pm

October 2009 - Swiss

Being based in Central London, there is never a shortage of buses and their sometimes interesting livery to admire from my window. All day buses trundle past in a non-descript fashion. Single and double deckers, Routemasters, Ken’s reviled bendy bus, coaches and mini-buses.

Despite this malaise of traffic, once a month an advertisement jumps out. This month it was the one pictured above, for Swiss airline, Swiss. Not Swiss Air, for which it is commonly mistaken, they were one of the first airlines to go out of business at the start of the decade. As a result, one time magazine editor and creative, Tyler Brulee, cleverly turned Swiss Air in to Swiss. I digress.

What we really want to talk about here is using the media. Working with raw material and doing something eye catching and different. Some clever creative has thought, how do buses in ski resorts look, and painted (well stickered) a rack, skis and poles to the back end of this number 9. Eye catching and simple. The creative idea is a 10/10. Now will it sell more flights?

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  2. Great idea for a campaign – if I see it on the back of a bus it would certainly make me smile, though I am writing this from Switzerland, so unlikley to for the time being.

    By James Cove on Oct 29, 2009

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