b.TWEEN Beano

16 June 2009 – 4:01 pm

Fresh in from the annual northern interactive meets media beano, b.TWEEN, I have spent 24 hours looking at all the new apps and technologies covered during the two day event.

b.TWEEN is always a great event. Katz Kiely and her team, really think through the content, running order, venues and attendees’ interests. These industry types have a fantastic handle on what people like me need to hear about.

Usually at conferences you have heard most of it before. b.TWEEN routes out the weird, and takes little time to make me understand why this is relevant to what I am doing everyday.

This was my third b.TWEEN having taken a break in 2007.

There is something about the event which makes it quite different to the usual run of the mill conferences that bombard my inbox. The desire of b.TWEEN people to learn and share is strong.

There is no organising plc of the ‘bums-on-seats’ school, which are so impersonal, ramming down my throat why I should go and see some worthies, or, usually not even going that far. Just sending a long boring list of organisations involved, and insinuating I am missing out by not handing over my £ 1000 pronto.

Alongside the big names at b.TWEEN are people from the largest global agencies, broadcasters and technology firms, mixing with the smallest niche providers. Script writers of reality games share salad and fruit with hard nosed commercial types.

b.TWEEN is different. There really is something for everyone, from the every day tangible to pure conceptual. To demonstrate their innovation, b.TWEEN Twittered, before Twitter was in common use. They created their own version of the messaging service, live text from b.TWEEN participants scrolling over the screens at the Cubby Broccoli Cinema in Bradford. That was in 2006.

This year, helping Katz compile a book on b.TWEEN helpfully forced me to go to the more obscure, but often still well attended sessions. Canadian academics, people from the arts sector and university technology transfer programmes are just some examples of those doing interesting work with digital technology. All were at b.TWEEN09.

Details for 2010 are yet to be announced, in the meantime check out the website at b.TWEEN


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