Brand Success

3 February 2012 – 8:41 am

Fiat 1

Fiat 2

The traditional motor industry is currently gaining a lot of media exposure, some of it not so favourable. Tricky western economies, have impacted sales, and century old companies are reviewing business plans in the face of rising fuel costs and the environmental lobby.

On the plus side, within the sector there has been a boom in the micro-city-car. No longer a poorly designed, poor relation to the ‘proper’ car, a visit to any major metropolis will highlight the proliferation of Smart Cars, Minis, small VWs and the hugely successful Fiat 500.

Themed Fiat 500 models are on brand and on market, the designers have kept this retro two door fresh over its current second generation, five year production run. Sporadically launching new variations aimed at different age groups and markets.

The Fiat 500 look is a good one, appealing to a wide audience, and the associated promotion on brand and funky.

Despite its ambitious pricing, the TwinAir model has been successful, partly due to its London Congestion Charge exemption status and low fuel consumption in the urban environment.

The micro-city-car will be one part of the transport sector which will continue to grow as lifestyles change.

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